Cowgirl - Turquoise Hot SpotFor the love of squash blossoms, bolos and big honkin’ turquoise rings, Hippie Cowgirl Couture is a MAJOR turquoise hot spot!

This jewelry slingin’ momma is a new find for me and to say I was impressed is an understatement! She’s got the high quality goods y’all. Searching for a squash blossom fit for a queen? She’s got it. Searching for a little (or huge) turquoise arm candy? She’s got it. Need a serious statement ring? Yea, you guessed it…she got it!

Owner/Lady-prenuer,  J.J. Wooten, prides herself in finding quality pieces that she herself would be proud to wear that’s in great condition. Ya can’t ask for much more than that when purchasing old pawn jewelry! Plus, you can just tell how great the condition of her jewelry is in when you see her photos…which you probably want to see more of after this teaser of a blog :). Go check her out on Instagram @HippieCowgirlCouture or shoot her an email at

Enjoy, all my little turquoise junkies!