Cinnabar Ranch Co. is a cowgirl owned and operated turquoise loving boutique out of San Juan Capistrano, California. Rebecca Aviles is the owner and operator of this petite establishment. Her style and enthusiasm for life brings the company its life.

Specializes in offering genuine Native American jewelry for the turquoise loving cowgirls. “I am blessed to work with the most amazing Navajo artists,” says Aviles. One thing that sets her establishment apart from others is her low prices with high quality jewelry. She just makes it affordable for the hard working Cowboy-Gals. Of course, quality is the number one priority for Rebecca. She makes sure that her merchandise can withstand the wear and tear of cowgirls in the industry.

Rebecca hand picks each, and every piece of jewelry for her store. “I love everything about my job! Especially the hunt for the perfect treasure.” She is a cowgirl too, and her family owns a beautiful ranch in the Temecula, CA, area. The name Cinnabar comes from Rebecca’s first Quarter Horse, which had the registers name “My Cinnabar”. The Temecula property shares the name with the business as well.

Rebecca started out as a turquoise collector, and connoisseur. Now she gets to run Cinnabar Ranch full time and do what she loves. “The connections and friendship this job has brought me are unmatchable,” she says. This job enables her to spend time with her family and friends on a more free bases. She is a loving mother to Cash, a teenage boy, as well as Cheyenne, who is now three years old.