Photo by: Impact Gel……

Isn’t turquoise beautiful?!? This color belongs in every tack room. As you hunt for the perfect shade, consider these saddle pads. Some are lighter, while others are darker. They’re all beautiful though! Each one is crafted with your horse in mind. They’re equal parts practical and stylish.

Turquoise Saddle Pads

This non-slip, high performance pad is what every cowgirl dreams of! It contours to your horse’s shape and offers breathable materials.

Crafted from heavy wool felt, this one sure is a looker! The vibrant color and cactus art make it really stand out.

Wool Felt Therapeutic Saddle Pad, $119.00, golden saddles

Steal the show with this beauty! The blend of blue and turquoise give it a cool, out of this world appearance.

Teal Galaxy Close Contact, $325.00, Impact Gel

When your horse’s comfort is of the utmost importance, then get this one! It’s perfect for any discipline from barrel racing to trail riding.

Kush Gray Wool Saddle Pad, $290.00, Best Ever Pads

The natural wool liner of this pad wicks away sweat to keep your horse cool and comfortable.

What’s your favorite? There are so many beautiful options.