Left photo courtesy of PuebloDirect.com. Middle photo courtesy of TurquoiseAndCo.com. Right photo co…

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Cowgirl Hotlist

We all love the classic squash blossom necklace, but these statement pieces will add a great variety to any collection. Each of these pieces offer a unique touch to any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.

Photo courtesy of PuebloDirect.com

This electric blue Sonoran Rose turquoise necklace will make jaws drop!

Photo courtesy of TurquoiseAndCo.com

Paired with a string of Navajo Pearls, this Kingman Turquoise pendant is sure to be a hit!

Photo courtesy of HippieCowgirlCouture.com

Searching for something more neutral? Look no further than this White Buffalo Lariat necklace.

Photo courtesy of HippieCowgirlCouture.com

Although this necklace has just silver beads, it will catch anyone’s eye.

Photo courtesy of PuebloDirect.com

This Spiny Oyster necklace’s beautiful purple hue will turn heads, for sure!

Need some earrings to match your new necklace? Check out these beautiful options!