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Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most valued types of Turquoise that has ever been mined in North America. This is because it was only actively mined by one independent miner during a 2 year period in the 1970s. Throughout that time, less than 2,000 pounds of turquoise was recovered. This stone is primarily a by-product of of the larger Bisbee Copper mining operation.

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Copper miners would sneak small amounts of the stone out of the mine in their lunch pails. Sometimes, however, they would sometimes make deals with the guards to sneak into the area and mine the turquoise themselves.

1970s Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet, $850,

The best turquoise came from an area known as the “Lavender Pit”. These stones range from medium to dark blue and are accented by red, black, or brown matrices. Some shades of green have also been found.

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Due to its rarity and beauty, these stones are some of the most expensive on the market.

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