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Left photo courtesy of Dakota Sky Stone. Right photo courtesy of Pueblo Direct.……

Most of the Boulder Turquoise is found in the original Royston mines near Tonapah, Nevada. It is also known as “Ribbon Turquoise” and it is comprised of Jasper surrounding ribbons of turquoise. This stone is unusual to find, and has shades of teal running through rich browns.

Boulder Turquoise Necklace, $146,

The stone can have either “ribbons” or splotches of turquoise running through the boulder.

Navajo Boulder Turquoise Ring, $145,

The stone was discovered in 1970 by a sheep herder.

Boulder Bracelet, $240,

Production is small due to the remote location and harsh winter weather.

Boulder Earrings, $159,

Each stone is very unique, which makes it highly valued!

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