lander blue turquoise
Photo courtesy of Waddell Gallery……

Lander Blue turquoise is the most expensive and rarest turquoise ever mined. The mine was located in Lander County, Nevada, and was referred to as a “Hat Mine”. This means the mine was so small that it could be “covered with a hat”. These types of pocket mines are not uncommon, but with no running veins or zones, once they are mined out they are gone forever.

Lander Blue turquoise, split shank, sterling silver ingot ring, $2,800,

The popular myth with Lander Blue is that only 110 pounds of turquoise ever came from this mine. Other sources clarify that while it may be true only 100 or so pounds of the highest grade was mined, various other grades were also found, including some that was green in color.

Silver and Gold True Lander Blue Turquoise Bracelet, $10,800,

The highest quality of this stone is characterized by it’s incredible deep blue color with tight black or brown spider-webbing.

Photo courtesy of Waddell Gallery.

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