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No one has ever said the words “I have too much turquoise jewelry.” Many new stones are being integrated into jewelry, including Sonoran Gold Turquoise. This stone is mined in Sonora, Mexico near the city of Cananea. The mine is located at the Campitos Mountain, just a short 35-mile drive from the Arizona border. The local economy relies heavily on copper mines in the area, and turquoise has been a by-product of these mines.

Traditional turquoise is cut from veins that interlace through host stones. Sonoran Gold, however, forms inside clay deposits as individual nuggets! The stone features a bright green color with splotches of blue and gold. There are dark green variations as well. The unique color is sure to make jaw-dropping jewelry pieces!

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cluster Ring, $750,

The darker green really makes the gold pop!

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, $1,200,

These stones have more of a blue hue, but the green splotches stand out from traditional turquoise!

The Bucca Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cuffs, $139,

These bracelets really show how much color variety can be in a single stone!

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, $289,

These stunning earrings have darker matrices mixed with gold!

While it has only recently been introduced into jewelry pieces, it is definitely one to consider adding to your collection! Looking for another unique hue that stands out? Check out some Golden Hill Turquoise!