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The Sunnyside mine is located near the town of Tuscarora, Nevada in the Tuscarora mountain range in the northeast part of the state. The mine is no longer in operation because it has become part of a gold mining operation and a privately owned ranch.

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These stones were mined mostly in the 1970’s, but you won’t find much of it around anymore except for old stashes. Much of the turquoise found in this area was washed down gullies where placer gold was mined during the Tuscarora gold boom.

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A considerable amount of turquoise was shipped from the property for several years to Arizona and New Mexico. Stones from this mine are rarely seen today.

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This unique stone is comprised of a spider web matrix of colors ranging from golden brown to black. Part of the turquoise is fairly dark blue and very hard, and some greenish blue color is also found.

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The turquoise from this mine presents some peculiar features. The material has good color and extreme hardness, great matrix marking in spider web patterns and wafers. The veins can run up to one inch thick.

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