Turquoise is definitely the jam for any western fashionista! It will ALWAYS be a thing! Whether you’re using the color as an accent, or the main focus of your outfit, you can’t go wrong either way.

One of the most popular ways to style the high-waisted craze is definitely cuffed and with ankle boots, booties, or heels. It just brings that vintage feel from way back when to now! I will say, those turquoise pants were tight. The previous owner had some heavy starch going on, and let’s just say that the good ol’ coat hanger trick came in handy.

Speaking of the coat hanger trick, loose graphic tee’s are super cute and your best friend when it comes to trying to style an outfit like this. Incorporating the turquoise wild rag was the goal since it matched the jeans so perfectly, so choosing a tee that was more about being the backdrop and not the center focus was important in creating this look.

An ensemble like this should always be finished off with chunky jewelry and accessories. This amount of color matching can be tricky sometimes, but it works. The pants, the belt, the wild rag, and the jewelry are a match made in western fashion heaven.

Don’t forget where the trend came from 35 years ago. Check it out here!