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How To Be Too Cute In A Tutu


How To Be Too Cute In A Tutu Bet you never thought you'd see someone over age 5 wearing these!

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Left photo courtesy of Julia Fortune Photography, right photo courtesy of Kylie Cole Photography

Have you ever considered buying a tutu or pettiskirt? And no, not for your five-year-old niece! For you! I know it’s an out-there thought, but just take a look at all these fun ways to dress them up for different occasions!

I feel like you can make just about anything a classic if you get it in black. Pair your long tutu with heels and it takes on such an elegant feel for a more formal occasion!

Okay, so maybe this one IS  little over the top, but just look how fun! I’m thinking holiday parties, New Year celebrations, and maybe even your free-spirited friend’s wedding!

Two words: Denim and leather! If you’re going for more of that western fashion Las Vegas feel, this is a favorite! Be sure and check out where these leather heels came from, too!

Here’s a fun thought for graduations and senior portraits! Add a sparkly western belt, and you’re good to go!

What about a denim jacket and boots? Why not?! Have fun with your fashion, ladies!

Are you convinced yet? Check some more tutus out here!


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