Jackie Crawford Cheyenne frontier days cowgirl magazine

Jackie Crawford is pretty excited for the Daddy of ‘Em All if you couldn’t tell! She reworked one of our favorite Christmas poems to fit the Cheyenne Frontier Days! Read it below:

‘Twas the night before the Daddy and all through the grounds, not a Cowgirl was stirring, not even a sound. 
The stock all put up, horses in stalls, the best care is given, for tomorrow they’ll need their all. 
Breakaway ropers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of running one down danced in their heads. 
So they’ll toss and they’ll turn and sleep they will lack, because they know tomorrow a very special number will be pinned to their back. 
All eyes will be peeled when that chute gate first cracks, and nerves will be jumping even though it’s just a 7:00 a.m. slack. 
Calves will be studied and the start will be discussed, we know riding a fast one here is always a must. 
The cowgirl left on top will have a battle well fought, for this year the Daddy added equal money to the pot! 
So much history and legacy lies in this arena floor, we as cowgirls with ropes hope to bring this rodeo even more. 
-Jackie Crawford