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Hey Heartland fans! Season 15 filming is well underway, and it looks like some past characters have made appearances on the set!

Kate Drummond will be returning as Paula Westfield. She originally appeared in Season 11. In the beginning of episode 8, Paula pulled up to the Heartland ranch and introduced herself to Amy as “Val’s friend”. She asked Amy to take a look at her daughter’s new jumper, Holloway, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, even though Amy told her she had plans and couldn’t fit her in the schedule. After some coaxing, Amy reluctantly agreed to work with the horse and, as a “bonus”, she and Georgie get invited to a posh party for the equestrian community. 

Jenny Steele, who plays Emma Fitzroy, was also back on set. She is the funding partner to Cooper’s horse-therapy operation, and first appeared in Season 14, Episode 10 where she first met Amy and Parker at one of Georgie’s horse jumping events. They had a rough beginning, but it was resolved by the end of the episode.

We’re excited to see what role these ladies will play in the new season. Have you seen these behind-the-scenes photos? Get ready!