two weeks in Vegas cowgirl magazine


Do you ever wonder what on earth people could possibly pack for an entire two weeks in Vegas? Well, here’s the full rundown! All the way from the glamorous sweats to set-up your booth in, to the plethora of patterns worn throughout the ten  rounds of the WNFR!

Be sure to bring comfy clothes and external batteries for your laptop!

Did I mention comfy clothes? Setting up your booth space can be KILLER!

Round 1 – Always wear one of your favorite outfits on the very first day!

Round 2 – Get a little funky! Showcase a different side of your style! (But more importantly, that is DR. WEBBER)

Round 3 – This outfit is traditional with a spin. Yet another unique style to showcase! Plus, now you’re on day 3 (or more) of standing up all day, so a low-heeled boot and soft ostrich leather is a nice break for your feet.

Round 3: Take 2 – Don’t forget all your Wrangler gear for the Wrangler party at night!

Round 4 – So your feet had a break the day before, which means it’s time to break out the Jason Becker Custom Leather tooled wedges!

Round 5 – Whatever you do, don’t forget your Tough Enough to Wear Pink clothes! Tyson Durfey would be very disappointed!

Round 6 – Planning on having to meet some very important people one day? Time to break out the 1000X American Mink Hat and tooled leather blazer! THIS is how business professional is done in the western industry!

Round 7 – You just never say no to fringe. Ever.

Round 8 – Bells are back, believe it or not! Whether it’s bell bottom jeans, or bell sleeves, or both of them, you just can’t go wrong! This is a fun outfit to help you wake up as you push through the last few days!

Round 9 – You’re not done yet! Get a little wild, child.

Round 10 – Patriot Night calls for red, white, and blue!

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