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You’ve likely experienced a few different types of horse owners at the barn. Heck, you might even be one of these yourself! This list will hopefully make you laugh when you realize how silly horse people can be.

Types of Horse Owners

  1. Natural all the way: These folks are all about a natural lifestyle for their horse. Stalls, shoes, and bits are absolutely forbidden.
  2. Competitive rider: They have to have the best horse, tack, and trailer! Everything is a competition. You’ll also find them at shows every weekend.
  3. Horse collector: They have more horses than they can ride, but that doesn’t matter.
  4. Penny pincher: These horse owners are just scraping by. They make sure their horse’s needs are met over their own though. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are quite popular with this bunch.
  5. Smarty pants: You know who I’m talking about… the one that knows everything! They can dish out lots of advice, but are never open to hear any.
  6. Dr. Google: Who needs a vet when you have the internet to diagnose and treat your horse. These folks can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your horse or at least they think can.
  7. Barn mom: This horse owner is worried about everyone. She’s always checking in with you. And let’s not forget- safety first!
  8. Mini van group: This boarder has a tribe of little ones that come to the barn. Things can get a bit chaotic with the running, screaming, and laughter of kids.
  9. The husband: He agreed to horse ownership to make his wife happy. He doesn’t really understand horses, but he wants to show his support.
  10. Weekender: You’ll only see this rider on the weekends for their weekly trail ride. They take a casual approach to riding and enjoy a slow and steady mount.

There you have it! Any idea which group you fall into? Be honest!