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Most riders recognize there’s a difference between English and western riding, but many don’t realize how many unique types there are within those two. Known as disciplines, they offer their own set of tack, competitions and requirements. Some equestrians ride multiple types, while other focus on one.

15 Types of Western Riding

  1. Barrel Racing
  2. Pole Bending
  3. Reining
  4. Cutting
  5. Breakaway Roping
  6. Team Penning
  7. Reined Cow Horse
  8. Western Pleasure
  9. Trail Riding
  10. Cowboy Mounted Shooting
  11. Western Dressage
  12. Mounted Drill
  13. Ranch Riding
  14. Western Showmanship
  15. Goat Tying

And that’s not even all of the different types! Some are more popular than others, but that doesn’t make them any more or less fun. Why not try something new and see what you think!