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Everyone has their pre-event rituals and things they tell themselves right before they hit the dirt. On Instagram this week, Tyson Durfey reflected on how he used to think before his runs:

“Don’t break your leg again.

“Don’t break the barrier.

“If you don’t win, you’ll lose everything you worked for.

“This is the B.S. I would hear in my mind every single time I went to compete!


“I know I’ve been talking a lot about mindset, but there’s a reason for that.

“It’s because everything that you do flows from your mind and out into reality.

“When I breakdown a run, I’m not only breaking down the technical side of it.

“I’m breaking down the mindset part of it as well.

“Mental mistakes are just the same as technical mistakes.

“Everything we do in my world is 80% mental and 20% technical.

“But that video is soon to come.

“More on this.

“I’m so focused on what I want that there’s no room for negativity.

“You want a quick hack?

“The reason I jump up and down so much before I compete is because it’s almost impossible to think negative while jumping up and down on a consistent basis.

“This is a technique I developed through trial & error over many years.

“I go from jumping up and down to a stretch.. all while prepping my mind for the run I want.

“The next time you get ready to compete, attack your day, or chase life.. try doing some of these things I talk about.

“Don’t just think you’re stupid, or inadequate, or ugly.

“Don’t listen to that negative self-talk.

“Optimize your mind for greatness.

“Take action. ?


Shea Fisher Durfey, Tyson’s wife, is always there to support her partner. Heck, Shea and their girls even have #TeamDurfey outfits!