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I think we can all agree that Tyson and Shea Durfey have been a power couple since the beginning. Tyson, being a world champion calf-roper, and Shea, an entrepreneur, musician, model, and mother, reveal their take on relationships on Tyson’s very own podcast. If you haven’t listen to his episode, “Getting The Girl! (Relationship Advice)” on The Tyson Durfey Show, listen to it by clicking here! Here’s a summary of the Durfey relationship insider…

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Tyson’s Tips..

1. Have clear intentions

Tyson didn’t want to get “stuck in the friend zone.” He was upfront with his efforts towards Shea! Tyson dropped hints and comments towards Shea to show her he wanted to be something more than friends.

2. Be honest

It’s important to be honest in any relationship, romantic or not!

3. Build a strong foundation

It was helpful that Shea and Tyson started out as friends at first!

4. Be patient

Patience allowed Shea and Tyson to build a proper foundation for their relationship!

5. Ask questions

Asking questions will show that you’re interested! Tyson said that asking questions is investing in your future!

6. Remain true to what you feel is right

Although Tyson was intimidated by Shea at first, he never gave up on his interests in her!

7. Don’t date on “availability”

Just because someone is available at the moment, doesn’t mean they’re your person!

8. Be your best self at all times

Tyson was drawn to Shea’s confidence!

& Shea’s Tips…

1. Dating should be easy!

If dating doesn’t come naturally, run for the hills!

2. Be nice

Shea spills that girls want to marry a nice guy!

3. Be aware of each other’s goals

It’s important to be aware of the bigger picture and make a plan in the relationship! Both Tyson and Shea found being strategic in their relationship to be most helpful.

4. Love yourself first

Isn’t this this truth?! Shea found Tyson once she learned to love herself first!