Cowgirl - avo cowhideCowhides are a western home décor essential in my book, but if you get tired of looking at the same ole, same ole hides, I feel ya! That’s what is so amazing about the unique pieces from Avo! Each hide is hand-painted with killer patterns and designs that can really modernize any room it’s used in.

“Avo’s, hand-painted leather explores the use of traditional materials used in innovative ways. Each piece plays with the juxtaposition between shape and pattern.”

Avo’s founder and designer, Brit Kleinman’s draws inspiration for patterns from her travels, history and everyday objects. Each design is carefully thought out and sketched before it is painted onto the veg-tanned hides. So when you invest in an Avo piece, you’re actually investing in a piece of art. Plus it’s a quick way to completely change the look of a room without redecorating, because Lord knows how pricey that can get!

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