Cowgirls are as unique as the horses they ride; no two are exactly the same. Cowgirls can be born into ranching families but they can also be the underdogs who go it alone and make a name for themselves, without having any family ties or connections to help them on their journey.

Krysta Paffrath was not born into a ranching family but she knew as a child that horses and ranching would be an important part of her life. From a young age, Krysta would draw pictures of horses and spend hours looking out the car window, watching people ride their horses through the desert and knowing that would be her one day.

Krysta Paffrath is pictured at WYO Quarter Horse Ranch in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

At age 11, Krysta got her first horse and began working hard to set the course for what she wanted to achieve with her life; she refused to give up until she succeeded in all of her goals.

Fast forward 12 years later and Krysta is an accomplished cowgirl. She has worked on ranches in both Arizona and Wyoming, most recently working for the well known WYO Quarter Horse Sales.

Ranch life taught Krysta many valuable lessons and she learned what it meant to fully rely on herself and be a true cowgirl, “One of my biggest accomplishments at the first ranch I worked at was dragging a calf to the fire for the first time. That was when I realized that I was truly independent and confident in what I was doing.”

She has learned many valuable lessons while working on ranches and has wisdom to share with aspiring cowgirls, “If you want to be a cowgirl, just go for it. Just put yourself out there and give it every ounce that you got. Always stay professional and stay true to yourself.”

By  accomplishing her dreams, Krysta  is an example for young cowgirls everywhere that with perseverance and determination, you can achieve what you set your mind to, despite your background and what life you were born into. Go get em’ cowgirl!  

Images provided by Krysta Paffrath and Savanna Rose.