zorse cowgirl magazine
Photo by: Fährtenleser……

It’s not everyday you see a zorse. These unique animals are the offspring of a male zebra and female horse. Often, they have the conformation of a horse and dark striping of a zebra. While they’re sterile, zorses do make striking additions to petting zoos and barns. Some can even be ridden!

Check out these zorses!

Saddle up! Zelda the zorse is ridden by her owner. How cool is she!

That is one beautiful animal! Their dark coat and stripes are goregeous to look at.

Meet Tayo! He’s in training to become a riding zorse. It looks like him and his owner have a great relationship.

@mustangmaddy working with one of these zebra horse crosses. He’s in saddle training.

How beautiful is this one! They have a very intersting coat pattern.

There are quite a few different types of equine hybrids. You can cross a donkey, pony, or even a mule with a zebra for other unique animals.