Unique Characteristics

Horses and humans have very different characteristics. People are considered predators, while horses are prey animals. It’s very important that riders learn how to properly communicate with their horse. These 10 characteristics will help you understand why horses are unique.

1. Prey animals: As mentioned above, horses are prey animals and are hunted by predators.

2. Flight animals: One of their best methods of defense is to run!

3. Herbivores: All horses thrive on grass, hay, herbs, and miscellaneous vegetables.

4. Keen instincts: Horses react without thinking. They use their internal instincts because this can save their lives.

5. Habitual: Horses like to follow a set schedule. They learn to anticipate events at certain times of the day.

6. Grazing animals: Horses like to move around in search of food and water.

7. Herd animals: Horses depend on their herd for survival. Many ears and eyes are better than one.

8. Pecking order: Each individual has its place in the group. These clear boundaries help keep peace among the members.

9. Emotional: Horses have the ability to form friendships. They are social and enjoy having the company of others.

10. Wanderers: In addition to grazing, horses like to continuously move from place to place for their own safety.

Your horse might react in a way that is confusing, but if you consider these 10 characteristics their behavior may make more sense. By trying to understand why your horse behaves in a certain way, you can adapt your training style.