If you’ve got a flair for the whimsical and unique then stop what you’re doing and check out all the goodies at Carmadilla! Owner, Carley Elzner, is making nature inspired art, quite literally, out of animals and materials from nature. Everything is real and hand painted, from muskrats and magpie birds to quail and mice. Her painting style could be described as southwestern eclectic, but whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure, it’s beautiful.

Camadilla specializes in European painted mounts, as we pictured a few below, but we are especially impressed with the tiny skulls she uses to make beautifully painted bolo ties! They are so different, yet they fit in perfectly with a western chic kind of lifestyle.

Dream up a custom design and collaborate with Carley and she will surely create something that suits your fancy! Follow along with her on Instagram @Carmadilla or shop with her on Etsy! Visit to see more! 

Muskrat skull bolo
Magpie skull necklace on suede cord
Muskrat skull necklace


Bobwhite quail skull bolo


Magpie bird skull bolo


Mouse skull bolo

Muskrat skull bolo


Cow skull


Billy Goat