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Some horses will simply blow you away with their beauty. Their unique markings and coloring will catch your eye! You never know what a foal will look like when they’re born. It’s always a special treat to see one with such an unusual look. These horses are truly incredible.

Unique Horses

This foal has a striking facial marking. What a handsome colt he is!

Talk about unique! This paint has one blue and one brown eye. You can follow along his journey @whiskeythepaint and see more beautiful pictures of him.

It’s not every day that you see a curly wild horse. The American Bashkir Curlies are a rare breed.

Medicine hat markings are always cool to see on a horse. These horses are believed to have the magical ability to protect their rider from injury.

Have you see a gold champagne horse? This color is very eye-catching.

How beautiful are these horses?!?