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"Jaroso" Leah Grams Johnson's debut EP. Photo courtesy leahgramsjohns…

Leah Grams Johnson

Leah Grams Johnson is a fresh breath of folk music blowing across the plains. Leah’s soulful, intimate music embodies the classics of folk and country music while adding a dash of modern, empowered cowgirl.

Leah Grams Johnson. Photo courtesy leahgramsjohnson.com.

Currently based in Nashville, Leah grew her roots on the northern coast of California. She spent her youth exploring the pioneer spirit of the outdoors and freedom of storytelling through music. After her mother’s passing in 2011, Leah used her music and storytelling to process and realign her path. “I spoke very little during her illness and after her death, but I wrote and sang endlessly. So much beauty came from learning about loss at that time in my life.”

After finishing college, Leah moved across the country to Nashville and has never looked back. She has been performing, writing and experiencing music since 2014.

In 2018 Leah spent a summer in Taos, New Mexico and a few extra months of solitude in the mountains of Colorado. “The isolation was as thick as the woods around me, apart from the welcomed presence of wildlife outside my door. But that gift of time and space— to simultaneously turn inwards while re-attuning my spirit to the natural world— was truly medicinal.”

In the spring of 2019 Leah set out west to record her debut EP in an abandoned adobe church with the help of Erick Jaskowiak, engineer and producer.


Named after the region in which it was recorded, “Jaroso”, Leah Grams Johnson’s debut EP, is a six song ode to her heritage and journey through life. This collection of music was recorded in the plains on the border of New Mexico and Colorado. The mountains, sage and abandoned adobe church leant their helping hands to create a soulful, healing and powerful folk music.

“Jaroso” Leah Grams Johnson’s debut EP. Photo courtesy leahgramsjohnson.com

“Jaroso” will be released April 2nd, listen wherever you stream music. For a behind the scenes look at the making of “Jaroso,” watch Leah’s “The Making of Jaroso” video.

To read more about Leah Grams Johnson and her music visit leahgramsjohnson.com