Cowgirl - Tack

Cowgirl - Tack

Most horse owners tend to collect quite a bit of horse tack over the years. They begin to have more saddles than the actual number of horses they own.

Now’s a great chance to declutter your tack room and earn some cash. Follow these tips to have your unwanted horse supplies sold in days!

Tack Swaps: Similar to a flea market, tack swaps are a great place to get rid of unwanted horse supplies. You pay a specific amount to rent the space and then set up your table. They usually bring large crowds of people.

Consignment Store: You can take your items to an actual tack store. Many people still prefer to shop in person for their horse needs. Your saddles and bridles can get lots of attention this way, but be prepared to pay a commission fee.

Social Media: Facebook groups and other horse forums may be a great opportunity to advertise your equipment. Many towns and cities have horse Facebook groups specifically for buying and selling. Some even have thousands of members! You can add pictures and a catchy description to draw in the crowds.

Horse Sites: Specific websites like Tack Trader are perfect for reaching your intended audience. If you’re willing to ship the item, you can get buyers from all over the United States. Horse supplies are broken down into categories, which helps people locate what they’re looking for quicker.

eBay: Many tack buyers start their search on eBay. People from around the world can search for exactly what they need. Your items have the potential to get lots of attention, and can even result in a bidding war!

Craigslist: You can appeal to local buyers by listing on your area’s Craigslist. Your ad will be sure to get hits if you include a detailed description and clear pictures.

Some sellers prefer to interact with the buyer in person, while others rather just ship the item and be done. Whatever your preference is, there are tons of way to earn some extra money by decluttering your tack room!