Fannie Trailer cowgirl magazine

Have you seen the finished product of the raffle prize that’s up for grabs at this year’s Art of the Cowgirl event? The inside decor of the custom camper trailer is finished! After seeing the interior design, you’ll want to buy out the entire raffle!

The decorations include all things western, vintage, and cowgirl and were donated by artist from around the country!

Notice the art supplies? How clever for the showcase at Art of the Cowgirl!?

Sticking with the theme of the weekend, decorators added a touch of cowgirl through this adorable throw pillow!

If you’re the lucky winner of this custom trailer, you’ll be sure to have a full and functioning kitchen!

A turquoise oven and fridge? You’ll be cooking and traveling in style!

This trailer a whole cowgirl artist mood!

Never mind using it as a weekender! You can multipurpose it as a personal art studio!

How about the adorable kitchen ware? The detailing is nothing short of perfect for this retro trailer!

It’s obvious that each piece inside the camper is pretty special! This wood burned kitchen utensil set from Water is Wine Furniture + Design must be handled with care!

Does this preview make you want to enter the raffle at least once yet? How about a second time? Maybe a third? Thought so. Buy your ticket(s) and learn more about the fundraiser here!