Let’s face it- ulcers are the worst! Not only are they painful for your equine partner, but they can also be costly and time-consuming. Most horses will experience gastro-intestinal discomfort and ulcers at one point in their life, especially if the horse has a high-stress job. Thankfully, we’ve got solutions for all things discomfort, ulcers, and prevention!

UlcerGard (omeprazole) Oral Paste Syringe


$38.99 on Amazon

This cinnamon-flavored paste is made for horses with a history of ulcers and Gastronintesonal pain. Prevent stomach pain before it becomes an issue with this product! This paste is a must-have for every trailer and tack room.

U-GARD Powder 


$47.99 on Amazon

Prevent ulcers and stomach pain before they become an issue! This daily powder is easy to slip into your horse’s grain for lasting protection. Keep your horse safe and comfortable at all times with this mineral powder!

Gastric Support Supplement


$31.99 on Amazon

GI support when you need it most! This supplement is perfect for horses looking for that extra gastric support during times of high stress and performance. This oil is packed with Omega 3’s and all the good things to keep your horses feeling and looking great.

GastroMend–Ulcer Supplement

SynNutra Equine

$82.00 on Amazon

Resolve, recover and restore! This natural supplement works to heal ulcers quickly and fully. Get your horse back into the game and feel its best with this effective solution!

 Gut Pellets


$59.99 on Amazon

Preventing ulcers has never been easier! Provide your horses with top-notch digestive care and prevent ulcers with these pellets. Simply add these pellets into your horse’s daily grain for constant comfort and protection!

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