“What is style without substance?

You create the world you want to live in with each dollar you spend, so why not ensure that those dollars are contributing to the good of the earth? After all, short of free-speech, fashion is the most immediate form of self-expression. Fashion portrays not only what you think, but what you care about. At Uwezo, we create style with substance. The benefits of our cowhide shoes span beyond what you wear on your feet.

Uwezo translates to “capacity” or “ability” in Swahili, but it stands for so much more than that. Uwezo is beauty, strength, and the opportunity for each of us to make an individual contribution. Uwezo is the promise of unrealized potential. Uwezo is peace, prosperity, and individual relationships with the power to turn surviving into thriving.

We care about our earth and the people in it. Joining the ranks of other charitable companies in the nation, a percentage of Uwezo’s profits from each pair of cowhide shoes we sell generate scholarship funds for Empower African Children. This charity gives an opportunity for East Africans to excel by reinvesting its revenues in Africa.

Our unique shoes are crafted from repurposed hair-on cowhide, meaning no two pairs are exactly the same. Every pair of cowhide shoes or flat loafers, every pair of desert chukka boots or men’s slip ons, and every pair of hair-on leather oxfords or women’s mules makes a difference in our world. Like we always say, what is style without substance?

While we try to do our part to contribute to the betterment of the world we inhabit, there is so much more to be done, and our mission will never be complete. To find out how you can participate in helping the future of Africa’s vulnerable children beyond just fueling the engine of global commerce, visit Empower African Children.” -UwezoBrand.com 

How awesome is that? Check out some favorite styles below!

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