Many families decide to travel during the summer months. The weather is beautiful and children are out of school. Time to use some of that vacation time at work to get out and see the world. These three destinations are perfect for those horse-loving families!

1.Wind River Horse Sanctuary (Lander, Wyoming): Open for public tours, the Double D Ranch is part of the BLM eco-sanctuaries. This 900-acre ranch is located on a Native American reservation. East of Yellowstone National Park, this sanctuary cares for roughly 130 wild horses and mustangs. You can experience the history of wild horses and the culture of Native Americans all in one visit. Furthermore, they offer guided tours and a gift shop!

2. Assateague Island National Seashore (Berlin, MD): Set off for the east coast of Maryland and Virginia for a beach vacation. The wild Chincoteague ponies call this stretch of land and water their home. Visitors can camp in select areas. There’s also horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, bird watching, boat tours, and more. Each year, the wild ponies swim across the
Assateague Channel and a select number are auctioned off. Don’t miss the action.

3. Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center (Lovell, Wyoming): Wild horses, with Colonial Spanish American heritage, roam free in the Pryor Mountains. This herd is preserved thanks to the efforts of this wild mustang center. This educational institute is a public, nonprofit group that spreads awareness about wild horses. They offer tours, so that groups can catch a glimpse of these incredible animals.

Gather your family up and set out for a horse adventure! Each of these three destinations offers something for everyone. From hiking and bird watching to photographing wild horses and trail riding, these places are diverse in their activities!

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