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It’s not everyday you see a Gypsy horse. When you do, their beauty captivates you! This breed is known for their lush mane and tail, thick feather, and stout build. They make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. On top of their charming looks, Gypsies are also great riding and driving horses!

Some riders like @arwenthearcheress compete their horses in unique events like mounted archery.

This breed also excels in the dressage arena! They compete in both traditional and western dressage classes.

Gypsy horses make exceptional trail mounts!

Some are even known to work on the ranch.

They do all sorts of western events. They may not be the fastest, but they’re usually steady and dependable.

A lot of riders enjoy driving their Gypsy horses. They have the strength to pull easily!

Are you a fan of these beautiful horses? They’re the total package- talent and looks. Miranda Lambert seems to think so too!