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Photo credits Jill Pavel……

The Highway Women are living life in the fast lane and their BRAND NEW video “The Highway” is out NOW!

Filmed on Veterans Day, the new video from the unstoppable Highway Women brings to life everything we love. Freedom, happiness and forging our own path!

COWGIRL caught up with the four Highway Women to get there behind the scenes take on their new video.

Bailey:  Making “The Highway” video was super special to me since it was my first video with The Highway Women. I love these girls so much, and filming the video was the most fun I’ve ever had on a set. This song is all about being free and loving your journey,  I love that.

Kristen: “The Highway“ for me is about the life of constantly living on a prayer, but not letting that stop you from chasing your dreams. With determination and a total belief in yourself, anything is possible. 

Jess: The song itself is a beautiful message that we all should embrace, life is short, a lesson we have all learned together this past year. 

Drew: This past year has been a lot of blessings and curses for all of us.  One of my biggest blessings is this journey I am on with my sisters “The Highway Women”.  To be able to put this into a song and then share the visual with our fans and supporters is another blessing.  It is my hope that the video inspires everyone who sees it to find a piece of joy in their day.