Calling all retro cowgirls to indulge in your newest handbag obsession with Vines of the West designs! These handmade bags kind of make you step back in time and put you in a “Nudie’s” state of mind. You know what I mean? When country music artists were dressed in fine tailored, extravagant suits instead of skinny jeans and cut off flannels? Ahh the good ole days. Thankfully there are still old souls like that of Vines of the West designer, Tina Vines. Each one of her designs is vintage inspired, chainstitched and cute as hell! She incorporates little details, like pearl snaps and the occasional rhinestone to add a bit of western flair that we can’t get enough of.

Check out all the goodies in her Etsy shop or start dreaming up your first custom order!

Floral Embroidered Clutch Purse