Cowgirl - Vintage Etsy Finds

The choice is yours…you could go out and look like everyone else, or you could stand out and be unique. That’s what wearing vintage is all about. Being unique and marching to your own beat. Etsy has created a mother ship of amazing vintage finds. Sometimes you will want to cry because you see something you love, but since they are one of a kind, it’s possible your dream item isn’t in you size. I’ve been there, sister. But if you keep looking, you’ll find the perfect piece that fits and has the wow factor your looking for.

I’ve hunted around for some neat-o western/southwestern finds on Etsy for you. Remember, there’s typically only one of each, so if it’s in your size don’t fart around cause it could be snagged up and gone forever! Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

Leather Fringe Vest (Size Small)