vintage reserve cowgirl magazine
Dingo, $229.95,; earrings, model’s own.……

Photographed by Kirstie Marie Photography

Styled by Samantha Crowley

Model Ashley Prochazka

Hair & Makeup by Ashley with The Styling Stewardess

Shot on location at Highrange Ranch

Vest, $115, Powder River Outfitters, Panhandle Western Wear; jeans, Rock & Roll Cowgirl, $79.99; turtleneck, Pendleton, $59.50; hat, Charlie 1 Horse, $180; necklace, Dana Voorhees Jewelry, $448.
Jacket, Scully, $485; tank, Rock & Roll Cowgirl, $25; Wrangler, price available online; hat, Charlie 1 Horse, price available online.
Shirt, Cruel Denim, $64.99; jeans, Wrangler, price available online; boots, REBA by Justin, $149.95,; necklace, Montana Silversmiths, $80; tank and sunglasses, model’s own.
Sweater, Rockin’ C from Cavender’s, $46; shawl, Tasha Polizzi, $196; pants, Lil Bee’s Bohemian, $34; hat, Charlie 1 Horse, $180.
Jacket, Tasha Polizzi, $248; dress, Wrangler, price available online; necklace, Dana Voorhees Jewelry, $690; earrings, model’s own.
Jacket, Scully, $250; shirt, Tasha Polizzi, $80; jeans, Rock & Roll Cowgirl, $79.99; necklace, Dana Voorhees Jewelry, $448.
Shirt, Ariat, $69.95; jeans, Wrangler, price available online; necklace, $80, buckle, $130, both Montana Silversmiths.
Shirt, Rock & Roll Cowgirl, $69.50; skirt, Tasha Polizzi, $158; boots, Nocona, $149.95; necklace, Dana Voorhees Jewelry, $849.