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Vintage western wear. Photo courtesy……

Western tradition and fashion has been around for generations and recently many influencers have been tapping in to their heritage to be vintage-ly inspired. From handbags to yoked shirts and Rockies, western fashion has always been serving up looks.

Vintage pieces or vintage inspired pieces are not always easy to find, but these companies and sites are sure to deliver great deals and unique items. 

Both of these small companies  do the hard work so we don’t have to! They carefully curated selection of western looks, pieces and items will have you feeling like you have been dressed in the best from generations past. 

Rice & Beans Collective

Rice & Beans Collective has it all. In addition to having a seasonal pop up, the ever active Instagram has every vintage western piece you could ever want. From Pendleton to graphic tees, fringed yokes and plenty of vintage-inspired pieces, Rice & Beans is a one stop shop.

Be A Legend Vintage Clothing

Like the name says, Be A Legend is truly a legend! There are so many different pieces in an array of different sizes and styles. This shop specializes in vintage and second hand clothing, with a western flare of course!

Buy & Sell Sites

If you want to venture out and do the leg work, the finds on these sites can pay off. Although you may have to dedicate a bit of time, once in a while you can strike gold and find that perfect western piece.

Sites like eBay and Poshmark can truly be a gateway for a vintage western addiction. In order to find the best pieces, vary your searches and tune in to key phrases and keywords. Words such as western, country, cowboy, vintage, old west, southwest may help you track down amazing finds.

Shop Local

Not all of you vintage finds will have to be shipped, shop local! Find small shops and yard sales in your area and scour Facebook marketplace for great deals. You may even ask your family members for recommendations or to borrow some of their unique pieces.

And as always, local thrift shops can carry some diamonds in the rough. Although a hit or miss, sometimes you can snag a great deal on a unique vintage piece.

Best of luck in tracking down your next amazing western vintage item!

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