Virgil C5 Rodeo Bareback Horse Cowgirl Magazine
Virgil, owned by C5 Rodeo.

For a rodeo stock contractor, receiving the award for Bareback Horse of the Year is as big of a deal as it is for an actor to receive an academy award.

C5 Rodeo received the prestigious title this year, when their horse, Virgil, became the 2017 Bareback Horse of the Year.

Virgil has had quite the time in Las Vegas at the WNFR, and has earned his keep, “…F13 Virgil just keeps on making us prouder and prouder! Words cannot describe what this special horse has done for all of us and bringing a lot of folks together! Thanks to everyone who has been a fan of the one heck of an amazing grey!” – C5 Rodeo

This rockstar horse has also seen success in Canada, twice earning the title of Bareback Horse of the Year in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

There’s no doubt about it, this horse was born to buck. Now, get ready to watch him in action!