Jennifer Ryan's Waiting on a Cowboy (HarperCollins).……

The latest work from western romance author Jennifer Ryan is about to have you glued to the pages. Waiting on a Cowboy takes a love triangle to the ranch in the first in a series of McGrath novels.

The plot follows cowboy hero Tate McGrath, who discovers that his best friend, Liz Scott, has been dating a mysterious stranger. Upon learning of Liz’s affair, Tate grows jealous, and his true feelings for her begin to rise to the surface.

Little does Tate know that Liz harbored deep feelings for him as well, but grew tired of waiting for him to see her as more than a friend, and took her affection elsewhere.

Jennifer Ryan’s Waiting on a Cowboy (HarperCollins).

Tate keeps a close eye on Liz’s newfound relationship. Liz’s boyfriend turns dangerous, and Tate realizes that it’s finally time to step up to be the cowboy hero she’s been waiting for.

Jennifer Ryan’s Waiting on a Cowboy is available for preorder here. Happy reading, cowgirls!