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We all know cowgirls love turquoise! The color, the jewelry, the gemstone… give us all the turquoise! Now, we can further learn the history of turquoise at the Turquoise Museum

Located in a castle in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, you can see for yourself the galleries of turquoise from all over the world. 

There is a total of 13 different galleries, each focused on a different aspect of turquoise.

“If you are interested in the mineralogy of the stone, focus on the Science Gallery; if you are want to learn the varieties of color that come from the American turquoise mines, then you will enjoy our gallery of mines; and if you are interested in the cultures famous for turquoise around the globe, spend your day in the International Gallery,” reads their website

The museum is privately owned by the fifth generation, meaning the collection and experience range over five generations of turquoise stone collectors, silversmiths, miners, and more! 

It is only fitting for New Mexico to host such a museum, as their state stone is turquoise. 

It’s a hidden gem you need to check out (pun intended)!