Ringo Sandals, $141.95

Will Spring EVER get here? Seriously! A girl’s gotta get some sunshine in her life! Our old friend, the ground hog, said it’s not too far away and it’s certainly never too early to start gearing up for spring fashion. We know boots are a necessity in your world, but when you’ve got the sun on your side, why not live in a pair of sandals for a while? The best part about sandals is it doesn’t take a fashion mogul to pull them off and they go with everything!

The options for sandals with southern charm are easier to find than you might expect! Look for beaded leather or geometric designs for a Native American inspired look. If that’s not your thing, keep an eye out for vintage leather sandals with stone or concho embellishments, for a look with a rustic vibe! 



Legeriwiel Aldo Sandal, $56.99

Circus Sandals by Sam Edelman, $39.99

Valli Embroidered Sandals, $17.50

Darva Sandal, $27.99

Ariat Copper Creek Sandal, $119.95

Austyn Sandal, $31.60

Trask Alexa, $109.99