Warrior War Horse Cowgirl Magazine

One of the most popular stories I’ve ever written for COWGIRL Magazine was about Mare Sergeant Reckless, an extraordinary horse who served during the Korean War. Another story that needs to be recognized is about a brave horse named Warrior who served during World War 1.

“Foaled on the Isle of Wight in 1908, Warrior went to war on the Western Front with Winston Churchill’s great friend, General Jack Seely, in 1914. There he survived all imaginable disasters, was active in many famous battles including those at the Somme and Ypres and he came back four years later.” – Warrior War Horse.

Stories have been passed down through generations about Warrior. He was known as unflappable, inspiring, and brave. Eight million horses and mules that served in the First World War did not survive. It’s clear how high the odds stacked against Warrior were, but his temperament under pressure proved to overcome all obstacles.

After the war, Warrior went back to the Isle of Wight with Jack Seely, and lived a long and peaceful life. The legendary horse passed away at the age of 33. In 2014, Warrior was posthumously awarded the PDSA Dickin medal.

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