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Cowgirl Hotlist

Photo courtesy of travelwyoming.com.
Cowgirls, let’s face it…it’s starting to get hot! Luckily, it’s easy to beat the heat by going on trail rides by the river or lake. If you don’t own a horse, do not despair! There are dude ranches all across the United States that offer riverside trail rides. If you’re feeling the springtime blues, check out these pictures and gear yourself up for a fun ride that will cool you off!
Photo courtesy of glaciermt.com.
This could be you!
Photo courtesy of banfftours.com.
Who would pack their bags in a second to ride at this spot?
Photo courtesy of triplecreekranch.com.
Now this is one happy horse! If you can’t beat the heat, find a way to enjoy it!
Photo courtesy of featheredhook.com.
How peaceful and relaxing! There are so many dude ranches to choose from if you want to go on your dream trail ride but don’t own your horse! Check out the Guest Ranchers of North America here if you’re interested in finding your perfect horse vacation destination.