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The perfect cowboy hat is what sets a rider apart, whether that be in the show ring or checking fences on a ranch.

Watson’s Hat Shop, located in Cave Creek, Arizona, specializes in crafting one of a kind hats that are known not only for their practicality and durability, but for their unique style.

One of the best parts about Watson’s Hats, the official hat maker for the Arizona Quarter Horse Association and the Arizona Reining Horse Association, is that each customer has their personal needs met by being able to customize their hat exactly the way that they’d like it, “But those with true cowboy hearts know that this iconic headgear actually comes in a wide variety of colors, materials, and silhouettes, each suited to different needs.

Trent Peterson pictured wearing his Watson’s custom hat. Photo courtesy of Gayla Wolf.

Eric Watson, the mastermind behind Watson’s Hats, gained a passion for hats when he was just a teenager, and went on to accomplish his dreams by opening his own store.

Eric’s passion is what has led to the level of detail that is put into each hat, “Each hat is cared for just the same as the next with precision and respect. At Watson’s Hat Shop we offer some of the finest blends of pure beaver, beaver blend and European Hare (i.e. rabbit fur felt). Also, you will find that we can make our hats from the finest Panama hat bodies (hand woven in Ecuador). You can choose from up to 34 different colors of hats, and various styles of ribbon with the choice of 7 different widths).

Eric Watson: The man behind the hats.

Check out some of the different styles of hats that Watson’s Hats offers! If you’re interested in one of the hats pictured below, click on its image and you’ll be redirected back to the website of Watson’s Hat Shop for more information.

The Rodeo. Photo courtesy of Watson’s Hat Shop.
The Evergreen. Photo courtesy of Watson’s Hat Shop.
The Calf Roper. Photo courtesy of Watson’s Hat Shop.
The Rough Stock Cowboy. Photo courtesy of Watson’s Hat Shop.