5 star custom pads cowgirl magazine

Stand out from the crowd with a custom Limited Edition Hand Tooled & Hand Painted 5 Star pad. For the cowgirl fashionista, there are unlimited customization options to choose from for your favorite four-legged pal. They also have an exclusive 10% off code just for COWGIRL followers!

5 Star Limited Edition pads are handcrafted in small town Arkansas, USA, by skilled artisans offering the best protection for your horse’s back. 

Comprised of 100% pure wool, 5 Star pads wick sweat and remove heat.  With over 50 leather options as well as custom embroidery, crystals spots, fringe, and buck-stitch, you can create a custom pad that not only offers the protection that your horse deserves but the style that you desire. 

Why should you use wool?

The secret to wool lies in its complex cellular structure. Each hollow strand is engineered to trap heat while resisting the buildup of moisture. Every follicle of wool is made up of a hydrophobic (water-hating) exterior shaft and a hydrophilic (water-loving) inner core. This gives wool the unique ability to wick perspiration away from the body and at the same time shed moisture. 5 Star’s proprietary wool has no synthetic material, and is 100% pure wool offering the best protection available to your equine partner!

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Often duplicated but never replicated; choose 5 Star…the pad that set the standard in the equine industry!