Have you ever stumbled upon a shop and been like, “This shop is my spirit animal. Why am I just now seeing this?” That’s exactly how I felt when I found B. Yellowtail. The beauty of B. Yellowtail is the selection. An array of talented Native American artists joined forces to form the B. Yellowtail collective. Over 15 artists have works for sale on their page! Works that I would consider wearable art.

About B. Yellowtail Pieces:

All pieces are handmade using time-honored techniques and traditional methods passed down from family generations, resulting in heirloom quality artisanal goods, textiles, art, jewelry, and accessories. With tradition and culture at the heart of B.YELLOWTAIL, we’ve set out to share more authentic indigenous art with the world while providing empowering, entrepreneurial initiatives for Native people. 


Shop their wide variety of beaded jewelry, handbags, moccasins and more at www.byellowtail.com.

Crow Rosette Bolo – Turquoise