Leather word courtesy of Jason Becker Custom Leather, Photos courtesy of Click Thompson Photography…

This is the most beautiful wedding belt for the “West day ever”…the West Wedding, that is!

“I knew I wanted a tooled leather belt for my wedding day and was introduced to Jason Becker’s work. I looked through his pictures and as soon as I saw the tooled cutout bridal belt I KNEW it was the missing piece to my wedding dress. But when it arrived, I was in tears. My dress wouldn’t have been what it was without it. Absolutely gorgeous! You can tell it was made with love because every detail was perfect! As amazing as the belt is, the customer service was another level. They kept me up to date and involved in the whole process knowing I was pushing time when I placed my order. My belt arrived in plenty of time and was more than I could’ve dreamed. It is something I’ll have for the rest of my life!” –Mrs. Megan West

“Wedding items have kind of started to take over, and it seems like that’s almost all I do. But there is nothing more satisfying than getting to see your items helping make the day tie together for the bride (and, of course, the groom too). These belts truly are timeless, and we love the out come of every one we have done so far!” -Jason Becker Custom Leather

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