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If Alex Drummond and Mauricio Scott were to sum up their wedding planning experience in one word, it would be “easygoing.” Ree Drummond’s oldest daughter and her longtime “friend” turned fiancé turned husband (!!!) were aligned on almost everything, including the ceremony, the food, and the fun-filled dance party they planned for guests at Drummond Ranch. Despite a few last-minute scrambles (Mauricio’s tuxedo had to be shipped overnight to make it in time!), and nonstop weather-monitoring by the mother of the bride, the wedding was everything the couple—and Ree—dreamed it would be. “It was such a meaningful, memorable night—beautiful flowers, great food, and so much fun…but what we all felt most of all was the love,” Ree said. “It was even more special than any of us could have hoped for.”

The ceremony was held on the ranch in a spot chosen by Ladd, with all the details curated by Ree and Alex, and perfected/executed by wedding planner Allison Butcher of Keely Thorne Events and George Catechis of The Fleuriste in Oklahoma City. It was a black-tie optional affair, and the Drummond family cleaned up nice!

Photo by Ashley Alexander. Ree and Ladd Drummond.

Ree chose a mother-of-the-bride dress by Jovani (she has a funny story behind this for a future post!) and maid-of-honor Paige looked amazing in her pale blue gown. Ladd, Bryce, Jamar, and Todd were as dapper as could be in their suits and tuxes. Handsome cowboys!

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

But it was Alex’s bridal beauty that stole the show. The 23-year-old chose a classic updo and minimalist makeup, brought to life by Oma Salon and MLB Artistry, respectively. The timeless look complemented her stunning lace Monique Lhuillier dress. “The dress is simple but the details are so feminine and beautiful,” she said. “Most importantly, it was comfortable enough to wear all night, and it twirls—which was great for the dance floor.”

Mauricio didn’t get to see the fabulous gown, though, until she was walking down the aisle. That may come as a surprise to some, as taking “first look” photos before the ceremony has become increasingly popular over the years. For Mauricio, the decision to wait was a no-brainer.

Photo by Grant Daniels. Ladd and Alex Drummond.

“It makes that moment so much more special, seeing her for the first time at the wedding,” he said. “Yeah, it made it a little harder with pictures. But honestly, at the end of the day, it’s more about the meaning of the moment than the pictures.”

Alex fully supported the decision. “When I thought about the wedding day, that’s what imagined: my dad getting to walk me down the aisle—especially considering his accident and everything that’s happened lately—and seeing Mauricio for the first time.”

Photo by Grant Daniels.

The moment lived up to her expectations. She and Ladd made their entrance while singer Travis Linville sang “Behold,” a favorite praise hymn of the bride and groom. The aisle was lined with a gorgeous array of flowers from The Fleuriste, which was a stunning contrast to the bright green Osage County countryside.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

Alex and Mauricio then exchanged traditional vows before being pronounced husband and wife. “We wrote each other private notes that were our personal vows,” Alex explained.

Photo by Grant Daniels.

Once the marriage was official (yay!), the bride and groom joined their loved ones for cocktail hour on an outside deck built for this occasion, where guests enjoyed drinks designed for Alex and Mauricio: Hers was a raspberry Moscow mule, his was a margarita on the rocks (not too sweet!).

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

After drinks, the reception moved underneath a billowy white sail tent, open on all sides so that guests could enjoy the views of the prairie in all directions. The decor (from George at Fleuriste) was romantic and so dreamy—greenery, ivy, and flowers wherever the eye could see.

Photo by Grant Daniels.

The tent poles were covered in lattice, then adorned with more greenery and flowers, and it looked like an enchanted garden had sprung up in the middle of the ranch.

A seated dinner catered by Ree’s awesome staff at The Merc included a spring field greens salad with tiny vegetables for the starter, and a steak and shrimp duet with sides like caramelized onion and bacon mac and cheese, charred veggies, and mashed potatoes. All of this was, of course, taste-tested by Ree herself beforehand.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

“We trusted her,” Mauricio said. “If she says it’s good, we’re good.” (She is The Pioneer Woman, after all!)

Then there was the cake, made by Amy Cakes in Norman, Oklahoma. Have you ever seen such a beauty? The six-tier showstopper was decorated with hand-made edible lace to mimic Alex’s bridal gown, and had alternating white and strawberry cake with Swiss meringue buttercream, complete with—you guessed it!—more flowers. Guests could also opt for Mauricio’s jersey-shaped chocolate and cookies and cream groom’s cake with chocolate mousse.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

The food was certainly a memorable part of the evening, but Alex and Mauricio were particularly excited to lace up their dancing shoes and enjoy a song with each other and their parents.

Their first dance song was “Beyond” by Leon Bridges. “Mauricio got us tickets to a Leon Bridges concert in Austin pretty early on in our relationship. We listen to him a lot together, and we think it’s just a sweet, romantic song,” Alex said.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

For the other main man in her life (Ladd!), Alex chose “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” by Brooks & Dunn. “It’s a country song that we always listen to, it’s about a girl who grew up in the country, and I just feel like it was very fitting for my relationship with my dad,” she said.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

They put their own twist on it, though. “We used more of an acoustic soft version. There’s a verse in it that talks about the dad comforting his daughter after a divorce or something, so we thought that verse wasn’t very fitting for this wedding,” she said, laughing. “We took that out.”

Mauricio and his mom, Martha, danced to “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers. “She’s very lyrics oriented, and she was like, ‘I just think this one’s it,'” he said.

Photo by Grant Daniels.

Once their sentimental moments were over, they welcomed everyone else to the dance floor. All the guests fell in love with the live band Drywater, and enjoyed fun surprises like a churro bar and light-up cowboy hats they could wear while listening to a mix of country, pop, and Latinx music.

Photo by Grant Daniels.

You might think the evening ended there but you’d be wrong! The celebrating continued at P-Town Pizza, where everyone was treated to pizza, wings, all kinds of snacks, a DJ, and a light up dance floor.

“Traditionally, Mexican weddings usually go pretty late. They can go until 6 a.m., until the break of dawn,” Mauricio said. “It was a nice twist to have an after-party.”

Only when their second party ended was their best day ever truly over. But Alex and Mauricio are just getting started.

Photo by Ashley Alexander.

After their honeymoon in the Maldives—where they plan to “lay on a beach and do nothing”—the Scotts will return to Dallas. They’re moving into their first home together, and they look forward to enjoying all the everyday normalcy of married life.

“It’ll be really fun to come home to each other at the end of the day, and get to cook together and share meals together,” Alex said.

Photo by Grant Daniels.

They’ll continue to work, and go back to Oklahoma to help Ree film The Pioneer Woman. In their spare time they’re looking forward to having friends over to their new house, trying out restaurants around town, and playing on their Monday night soccer team.

“We’re going to get back into real life, except we get to do it together,” Alex said.

Mauricio adds, “I’m looking forward to living together, doing life together. It’s exciting!”

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