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Fast Into the Night A woman, her dogs, and their journey north on the Iditarod Trail. By Debbie Clarke Moderow (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

The setting of this compelling title is the frigid Alaskan outback, but the story itself is truly heartwarming.  The author writes of her experience competing in the Iditarod and about the exceptional animals that pulled the sled along the thousand mile journey.  An adventurous outdoors woman, Moderow interweaves her personal tale of becoming a racer with an account of the race itself.  With gut-wrenching candor she shares how she dealt with failure, the death of her parents, and a grueling bout with depression to take part in an event referred to as the “Last Great Race on Earth.”  Debbie Moderow’s dedication and love for the Huskies that accompany her from Anchorage to Nome is the soul that drives this insightful and touching memoir.