Cowgirl - Weigh

Cowgirl - Weigh

It’s a great idea to weigh your horse periodically. There will be many times when you’ll have to provide an estimated weight, such as when deworming, determining feed amount, and for weight management. You might not have the appropriate horse weight tape or even a scale, but that’s no problem. This way is simple and involves minimal supplies.


(Heartgirth X Heartgirth X Body Length) / 330 = Horse’s Weight

For those smaller or younger than a mature horse, substitute the 330 for 301 (yearling), 280 (weanling), and 299 (pony).


Measuring tape with inches, calculator, and helper


  1. Measure for the length by asking your helper to hold the tape at the point of your horse’s shoulder. Run the tape straight along his side and stop at the point of his rear. Plug this number into body length.
  2. Place the starting point of the tape at your horse’s wither. Run the tape around his girth area by staying as close as possible to his elbow. Bring the tape all the way around to meet back at the wither. Plug this number in as the heartgirth.
  3. Complete the math. Don’t forget to include the heartgirth twice. Remember this is just an estimate.

You’ll have your horse’s weight in a mere few minutes with this simple formula!