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Equestrians live in their own world sometimes. They do and say things that are just plain weird, especially to the outside world. If you’re a rider, I’m sure you’re guilty of some of these things. Have a good laugh! There’s nothing greater than owning a horse.

1. Picture time: Horse owners love to take pictures with their horse and of their horse. It doesn’t stop there though! During Christmas, pull out the bells, Santa hat, and garland. Wedding pictures, birth announcements, high school graduation pictures, they’re all with horses!

2. No time to change: You can clearly spot an equestrian in the store. They usually have riding clothes on or muck boots. Don’t forget the hay in their hair. Why wear regular clothes when you can smell like a horse?

3. Horse this & that: Somehow everything relates back to horses. No matter what the conversation is about, horse owners can easily connect it to their barn life. Your child scoffed his knee on the playground? You should see my horse’s cut!

4. You’re broke: Is it weird that you have no money for new shoes or a movie ticket, but just bought a $2,000 dollar saddle… Equestrians spend all of their money on their horse. Their horses eat better and receive the best medical attention. Meanwhile, you patch together your broken finger.

5. Early risers: The rest of your generation is sleeping in till 9:00 AM and you’ve been up since 4:00 AM. When show season strikes, the alarm clocks go off before the sun rises.

I’m sure you think that everything on this list is normal, but non-horse people may think otherwise!